*AURA-CHAKRA imaging & photography by latest equipment. *Consultation and recommendation done based on Aura Chakra scan report and vedic astrology analysis. *Product line includes metaphysical, spiritual, and new age products including stones, crystals, candles, pure, essential and fragrance oils, incense, tarrot cards, books, CDs, DVDS, charms , Jewelry. Fengshui items like bamboo etc. Cleansing items like White sage, cedar and frankincense. *Items and gifts from different religions and cultures including Rosaries, singing bowls etc.Figurines and statues of a wide variety including Ganesh, Guadalupe, Mary, St. Michael etc. *Health and healing products like Himalayan Salt lamp, Herbal products and acupressure products. *Specialized products like Rudraksha, Gemstones and pyravastu pyramids and Organ genarators.

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